Monday, October 3, 2011

Cats eat birds

Headline: Cats eat Birds, Geelong wins it third AFL premiership in 5 years, To Old , To Slow, What Junk gee the media had it wrong did'nt they...................

What a weekend yippee yippee wasnt it great...still cannot wipe the smile from my face l have taken lots of photos from inside the rooms after the game and during the celebrations and yes the premiership cup makes an hopefully after l edit (yep there are some weird ones what was i thinking) l will get them on by the end of the week.
James pulled up well apart from a crook shoulder that he injured in the 4th quarter, bet you didnt notice that at all, not sure about his liquid intake over the next couple of days.....Anyway as always l am just thrilled for him and what a great reward for all of his hard hard work. Woo Hoo

Cheers Mary

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