Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the paparazzi mother !!!!

yes James it is a suit...with pockets, maybe it was more like where have l put the tickets??
get those shoes cleaned........no James not on the couch!!!!!!!!
and a very nice touch from the tailor of James' Brownlow Suit "Germanicos".
There were a lot more photos taken but "mum stop taking my photo" "oh James you look so handsome in your suit" " Breno said well you can take my photo" " Dream on Baby"said Mary.
My boys had a great night at the Brownlow, James said it was not as much fun as last year.....well James that was because l was there last year.....No mum it was because l could have a drink and go to the after party, but this year it was water and going straight home.
Well James better to be in the Grand Final with a small sacrifice......."Of course Mum that goes without saying......"
By the way daughter No 1, and l managed the room service menu nicely, l got 2 Christmas blocks embroidered and watched the whole tv event and then had the post-op when my boys got back..
So it was all good, now just waiting for Saturday.............

Cheers Mary

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