Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is it any wonder..

" Is it any wonder" that with the weather the way it was that penguins turned up at the shop, Jan Kerton came too but that was because she had a class full of ladies waiting for her expertise.
 "Is it any wonder" that you cannot help buy more fabric when these clean fresh brights from a Day in the Country found there way onto the shelf.
"Is it any wonder " that the weather and a bit of spare time, made sure that the new flannel fabric Pretty Paisley Flan was unpacked.  There is a bit more flannel to come out, need a bit more time to do that....how do you get that....??????

"Is it any wonder" with all of the wondering and the new stock aarriving that l had to tidy up which means that there is a good quantity of fabric  that has been reduced to $8.00 per metre (minimum 1 metre cut)  if you decide you only want  lesss than a metre its $15.00 pm.
A good time to pop in and get some backing fabric.......

Yours in wondering....

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