Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the f word football and fabric

 Just to prove the milestone,l thought you would appreciate the" pic" of James banner on Friday night.  We had a terrific night and just so proud of James and his achievements.
 Saturday night was the celebration at home, and believe it or not no photos of guests as l was too busy but the cake got a guernsey.......(shocking pun)
So that milestone is over, we just move onto the next one...............
 This is the quilt l have come up with for Summersville, so its off to Kerries this week for quilting and then in the shop after the binding is done.  Not sure why l had such motivation to get this done???
A load of purples arrived, you know the type when you put them with pink they look purple and then if you put them with purple they look that one out.....

Cheers Mary

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