Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On a roll

 Its surprising to me that customers still ask for simple patterns and kits for babies,  the quilt you need to whip up in a hurry because your daughters girlfriends beauticians aunt has had a baby. Well to help ease this burden, here is the quickest and easiest quilt that l have made, and have kitted up.  The good old (new)Bubby Quilt, with no gender specific fabric, precut squares , backing, binding provided. Quilted in Cotton Perle which has given it a soft look and yes l even managed to do that(quilting that is)
 Bronwyn Hayes got a bit of a thrashing to, l have had this pattern Sweet Boxes for a little bit, and l needed to have some thing that would resemble Easter, so l made this little sweet box out of some left over fabric, also very easy a covered button finished off the look on the lid and here is my gift that my kids will get for Easter with a chocolate in it. Yes l thought they would have grown out of Easter too, but no they still love chocolate.......
 The lovely Irene , will be celebrating a significant birthday soon and she has organised her own birthday quilt and has asked some friends, of which l am in that category(woo hoo) to make a basket square for her, the fabric to represent the person making it and she required it to be hand pieced. So it was a relief when it was only a 6 and half inch square block.
So this is what l did, Irene was a bit wary of me and my bright colour choice she indicated that if it was tooooooooo overboard with lots of orange , it would be relegated to the top left corner or the back. So in an attempt not be be relegated l toned it down.
Is'nt the idea of a birthday quilt great and also if you organise it, you can define what you want but let the girls you have asked add there own individuality.
I will keep you posted as to where my blocks go.

Cheers Mary

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