Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catch up

 I am over saying time flies, omg its nearly March, what has happened to February.                        Being busy is a good thing, the disadvantage is that as the time flies we get just that little bit older blah and more blah.                                                                                                                                Do you ever feel like you are in a" deja vu" situation each time l open a delivery l think like this .   But then look at what arrives gee this is bliss..............
The picture above shows off  plain jelly rolls, an interesting marketing devise by Moda, well just think about it we do tend to end up cutting up a plain homespun into a quilt,so why not have it cut for you.  At the moment only 3 colours have arrived but more are expected.
Next, this fabulous reproduction collection 1862 Battle Hymn, just a couple of of bolts shown to entice the next project.
 Now over the years l have generally steered away from hand piecing a quilt for a couple of reasons, the time frame it takes, l would'nt have any quilts in the shop if this is all l did,  also if l sit to sew, its usually to do embroidery.  So when Judy Newman came in 2010 for her class on Gelati, l was inspired by the ease of hand piecing this quilt, the quilt class also coincided with a great collection of black fabric arriving, so l put two and two together and the above picture is the result , l am delighted with the fact that number one l finished it, but also l completed it within a five year time frame.
So Janice this  picture is for you as you were the one that kept me going on this project.
Kerrie from Black Forest Quilting will be quilting it shortly so it will be in the shop when its done.
And the Magic Garden also arrived,  a super bright panel with some lovely blends, another quick quilt to make up.
I have also realised that due to the length of this blog l need to write a bit more regularly, then l wont need to to be  writing essay length blogs.

Cheers Mary

Thought of the Day: "Gee its wet."


Paul & Janice said...

Love the Gelati quilt. Can't wait to see it quilted. Janice

The Drapers of Mt Macedon said...

really happy with the quilt, not sure what Kerrie is going to come up with for quilting, really loved using the linen as well dont worry you will be one of the first i show when it somes back thanks Mary