Sunday, October 30, 2011

surrounded by reds and greens

The reds and greens emerged from storage this could only mean one thing, Christmas is near.
l did manage to complete the shop window with my Christmas goodies, the patterns are in stock and there is a nice array of Christmas fabric to tempt you.
Sophia couldnt help but make an appearance, not to be out done by the reds and greens.

Thankyou very much to the vast array of people who attended my 6th Birthday Shop Sale, it was very successful and it has made room for the new collections that l have been hanging onto, so l will introduce them to you over the next week or so..
Congrats to Mel who won the door prize (the pink door) , thankyou to my" shop girls" who put in huge efforts for me over the week of the sale...
The annual Macedon Quilt-In is coming up soon Saturday 26 November, the quilts are on display in the shop window at the moment so if you are interested in attending you will need to book soon . This is a great event run by Kerrie Thomas(our machine quilter) and proceeds go to the The 1st Macedon Scouts. So its an event worth supporting......
Did you know? that Michele Hill popped into the shop a couple of Tuesdays ago a very impressive woman and she signed some books.....................

Cheers Mary

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