Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gift by Rosalie Quinlan

Long after the glitz and glamour diminished and the nail polish faded and l got back to normal "Miss Milly " Rosalies girl arrived and languished on the bench. "Its been a big month"Milly said
"Tell me about it" Mary said " but no bigger than this month of October will be being Breast Cancer awareness Month " "Do I have to go in the window" sooked Milly. " Yes " Mary said "Our customers and many window shoppers need to see what a great book you have been created from. So you need to be with the Angels- Love, Joy and Peace, your best friends cushion and the little multiplying Matryoshka Angels"
"Well what will I get out of it" Milly said with "tude". Feeling a bit teary Mary said" Well there are a lot of women who have breast cancer and by selling this book, the distributor will donate to Pink Ribbon Day and we are going to donate the pretty pinwheel quilt to the cause as well"
Mary looked around and Miss Milly had gone.........straight to the window....even at her age she gets the significance.......
Cheers Mary

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