Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who is that??????and introducing Bev Maclean

Well Friday was a big day,a 'big new coulorful window and a couple of new guests. Sure to put a super hero's nose out..........
I was not wrong, Archie tried to stay and play, but Jodie called in and collected all of her wares.
But Bev Maclean, a local artist and patchworker left another booty of goods.
For the uninitated, Bev Maclean is a self taught artist that has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember and I might add is no slouch in the quilt making industry either.
In one of our many "convos" Bev told me she had just finished painting the new fairy chair in the local fairy shop, so after drooling over this piece of work I asked if she had any other chairs. Yes she did.
So now on display in our window are some pieces of Bevs work ( all for sale)
Lucky us

Cheers Mary

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