Friday, August 20, 2010

Izzy's despair

Well I arrived at work this morning to find Izzy all upset and hot under the collar.
"Whats up Izzy" Mary said as she was opening the shop.
"Well Miss Mary...oops Mary....its Archie....I am so upset by his behaviour."
"Please explain" Mary said in her best Pauline impersonation.....
"Well Mary just look at where he is" said Izzy

So looking in the window and calling "Archie" I heard a pig squeal, a monkey scratch and a bear groan......."what on earth" Mary said Talk about disruptive behaviour Archie had started causing havoc amongst the Animal House Bag. Mary was wondering if his real name should be James.
After looking back to Izzy to tell her I understand, Archie went missing again, cheeky little frog.
"Archie" Mary called again. No response except a garbled he' s over here from the Zipper Mouthed Monsters.
So upon looking and seeing where he was Mary said" Archie if you are not going to sit nicely in the window this week you will have to go home to Jodie , so please behave so my customers can see how great you are"
"Yep no problems Maaarzzzeee" with his fingers crossed "I will be good this week" Archie said.
"Thankyou Archie" said Mary wondering if Jodie was aware of what she had created......

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