Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Billies Quilt

Billies Quilt has a story, James" my baby boy" asked me to make a quilt for one of his Geelong teammates whose partner was having a baby girl. The brief was apart from making it quick, was lots of pink, white, red, lime green and more pink.
As quilt makers, you know what its like you have a picture in your head ,which may not be on the same page as the person asking for the quilt so I was a bit worried.
Well I made it in record time ( 2 weeks) ready for the arrival, when James saw it he loved it straight away , the nice part to this story is Cam and his partner Siona loved it and I have had regular updates on its use, apparantly I couldnt have matched the colours better, I did sneak in orange into it.
I am mentioning this as its always nice to get feedback on the quilts that you make, as it doesnt always happen.

So I did another one for the shop which is now in the window, kits will be available.

Cheers Mary
PS. I cant help myself Go Cats

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