Monday, August 10, 2009

margarets quilt

Just would like to share Margarets quilt with you, again one of my Beginners, the story goes like this, Margaret started this quilt in Mt Macedon, continued working on it in Mill Park after the lessons were over, sent her completed top and backing to Gisborne via the post.
We then sent the quilt to Kerrie our machine quilter in Macedon, who then brought it back to Gisborne ready for us to send back to Mill Park via post.
Take a breath, while this seems like a "what are you telling me that for" it is quite significant Margaret doesnt drive and during the course of her completing this quilt she had a very bad fall at a shopping centre that has left her not as mobile as she was used to.
So when we all start complaining, spare a thought for Margaret who has achieved under duress, a dream of learning how to make a quilt and better still finishing it.
And look at it isnt it wonderful.
I forgot to mention its a queen size quilt.
Cheers Mary

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