Thursday, April 16, 2009

No excuses Easter is over

I looked up at the clock for the first time today and it was 4.00pm, time absolutely flies when you are busy and of course happy.

My Easter break was just bliss, a couple of sleep ins, late pj mornings, meals when we could be bothered, catching up with my fab kids for our Easter meal, playing in the garden or should i say directing traffic with my dear Breno, and yes quite a few late nights and extended days in my sewing room, what more could i ask for..........i forgot lots of chocolate as well and the footy.

I managed to finish all of my current projects for the shop so they will start filtering through in the next 2 weeks (5 in total ).

More fabric arrived today more greens and mustards, along with the wonderful teacup range,
so i will be working on that soon.

We have a few vacancies for the Thimblelady Hand Quilting technique on Wednesday 20 May , if you are interested.

Must be off

Cheers Mary

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