Thursday, April 23, 2009

clever people

People that continue to invent product always fascinates me how do they get to a point or is it their brain operates differently to others...anyway in saying this ....a new product has just appeared on the market and we are lucky enough to stock it is SHRINKING SHEET.

Very interesting I had a play with it yesterday , it shrinks as steam is applied to it, so what you do is either place it directly behind the fabric , or you can sandwich a piece of pellon or batting in between top layer and shrinking sheet, the pieces need to be secured so I cross hatched one piece and the other I just randomly quilted lines, then I applied steam and it shrunk before my eyes giving you a really puffy look. The best way to describe what happens is when you apply heat to plastic, the SHRINKING SHEET at the end of the process is quite firm different to when you start using it when it is quite soft.

It just makes you think what it can be used for, bags definately, if you want texture to something, or I suppose like most patchworkers you have to try it and see what you think.

I have a couple of "daggy" samples in the shop they will give you the idea of what the product does.
I forgot to mention that there are 2 types of shrinkage 15% or 30% we have the 30% in stock now.........
Any way back to ponder on clever people..........

Cheers Mary

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