Thursday, March 5, 2009

brights bring a smile

The weather is always a topic that we cannot help but talk about especially when you are in Gisborne, hot and windy one day and then wet (believe it or not) and a bit chilly the next, but thats all part of the charm of this area.
Its amazing today ,how much of the "brights " were sold today. We have a great selection of hot colours that look great with the bright geometrics we have. Maybe the hot colours will provide warmth.................... "Melly and me" toy patterns also look great in these hot fabrics the mix of spots and stripes create interest especially when making the toys for little ones......

The class list should be out next week so l will be glad when that gets posted as that will be another job done from that huge list...... so thanks to everyone for there patience moving to Gisborne has meant that we will start classes earlier next year well thats the theory.

Sit and sew is going great guns so if you are thinking of joining in you will need to get your self organised soon as there are very limited spaces left.
Sorry, Sit and Sew is held of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday soon to becoming to Monday just call in and check what spots are available.....gotta go another customer to help
cheers mary

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