Friday, February 27, 2009

the strange day

Its been a very strange day in Gisborne with an air of expectation.......of course with the fire situation as it is quite understandable.........with a terrific view of the main drag of Gisborne it was interesting to see the trucks in waiting including the Aviation Fire Fighting Services massive trucks hopefully none will be needed.
To help pass the time of day in between the steady stream of customers another delivery arrived, this time hotpink and orange dots and stripes fun fun with lots of coloured bright stripes as well, also a vast array of repro fabrics including blues Nancys Favourites and Mustard and Navy of Fairfax County .
As all of the different collections are so nice its hard to work out where i want to gowith samples so we will have to wait and see.......

We have talked about donations for the bushfires, we have a box in our shop for donated sewing items that will be given direct to the CWA so if you have any items that are new and you wish to donate just pop them into the shop.

Yes i have changed the window Home is Where the Heart Resides is the feature a lovely block of the month available at the shop.

Gotta go another customer needs attention.

Cheers mary

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