Friday, February 20, 2009

to blog or not to blog

to blog you have to have the internet so as that has been a problem with telstra we have not blogged but strangely enough we have managed to be on line again so hence the blog.
so much to say..............................................
life in the "burbs " is great and very busy
The fires have been horrible and the loss of life tragic and the loss of homes just hard to comprehend especially when we tuck up safe in our own beds of a night time.
The sentiment in making quilts for people that have lost everything leaves a lump in your throat but gives you a sense of fulfilment when you deliver over 12 completed quilts to some of these people also the 5 quilts that i personally packed up to my cousin in Calignee who lost her house in the fires.
We have also been very lucky to be able donate quilts to local fundraising activities for raffling so the drapers are in the thick of it.
So much new stock has arrived since we reopened.
The window display is made up of fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner which is bright and lush just what we need at this stage, kits are available.
Class lists will be available soon so at this stage all is good at the Drapers

We also are now stocking tools from Westalee Designs who or what you ask Leonie won the Peoples Choice award on the New Inventors Show in the series final does this jog your memory yeah those funny rulers for making triangles etc we will be running demo classes soon so l will let you know when they are on............

So to those of you complaining about me being blogless........I'm back...

Cheers mary

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