Sunday, December 21, 2008

are we ho ho-ing well

You know its Christmas when you have a lovely gentleman waiting at the front door for you to open. He wanted to get his wife a present for Christmas from her favourite patchwork shop it was a great way to start the day..............

I am still coming to terms with Christmas being here so quickly it just shows when you are busy you dont have the luxury of waiting for Christmas it just sneeks up, as you are busy organising , in particular jobs to get done while we are on our break, ordering, confirming bookings etc and the list goes on ,a very pleasant list I might ad.....

Anyway just would like to thankyou all for your continuing custom we are in our fourth year now and we have learnt a lot , we took a punt opening a shop and thanks to the wonderful support we have we have made a name in the industry, we also have managed to become a training ground for others that open up shops ...... but as they say thats business......

We close today (Sunday) for the holidays and reopen on Tuesday 13 January 2009.
We will still be available for contact via email or by answering machine so do not hesitate to make contact if needed.
Our blog will still be active over the break so stay posted just in case anything exciting happens .

Have a really safe and Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you at our haven in the New Year.

Ho Ho Mary

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