Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the aftermath

you just feel like you have managed to put on 3 sizes in clothing with all of the eating that you have managed to achieve over the Christmas period.
I had a great day with my lovely breno and the kids apparently I brought my A game to the table with the food I always like to try different things so I steer away from traditional (surprise surprise) the food preparation went like clockwork and the timing perfect even if I do say so myself.
Breno decided this year that a santa suit was required for the opening of presents, it was the funniest thing the kids(the eldest being 26) were so taken back that dad did this that we spent quite a deal of time just laughing our heads off.........could be a new career path for Breno..
We also celebrated James birthday which we have always made a fuss of due to it falling so close to Christmas I am still wondering how this was my fault he wanted to arrive early........

Anyway today is the first day I have had to myself and I am managing to sew ....more for the shop.
Hope that your New Year is fab and that you get plenty of time to do more of what you want......

We have some very exciting news for you soon which we will announce in the next 3 weeks so stay posted.

cheers mary

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