Saturday, November 22, 2008

painting the picture

I will set the scene for you wind, rain, hail, and cold fabulous I say great for the much needed rain in the area . The fire at our haven is glowing brightly and this sets a lovely cosy feel and I have managed a small window of opportunity to have a look at the bag of goodies that Melia collected for me at the recent Trade Show.
As Melia previously indicated Amy Butlers new book Little Stitches for Little Ones is sensational apart from being a lovely book there are a heap of patterns using her great fabric designs I am in the process of ordering the book so I will let you know when it arrives.
Over the next month or so , we will start stocking some of our new finds from the Trade Show which is not only fun for you when you pop in but great for Melia and I because we get to play with different ideas.
I need to have a coffee now while I can so until next time cheers mary

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