Thursday, October 30, 2008

utter stupidity

well its winge time for me today.......while unpacking yet another parcel of interesting books and patterns this morning an idiot driving past at warp speeds "took out" our A -frame sign that is located off the road in our parking area at the front of the shop, the image of the sign being airborne defies any form of logic. Several things spring to mind what the hell was the driver thinking, going so fast in a 60 zone, they didnt stop, there was glass every where from the car ,fortunately there was no-one in the proximity so no injuries.

I just hope when the driver gets out of the car and sees some damage he/she may re-access there driving habits.

By the way the sign is wrecked and a new one will have to be purchased.

So for today a panel or a hand pieced quilt or machine made quilt just doesnt cut it

cheers mary

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