Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fair's Fair

I'm always amazed when ladies come to the shop, rush to a quilt that attracts them oohing and cooing, just to drop it like a jolt of electricity has rushed through them, when they realize it is a pre-printed panel exclaiming, "Oh that's cheating!" Cheating who or what? We are definitely not the quilt police up here and we recomend doing as time, heart and head dictate.
Seriously what does it matter?

I mention this today because I can't tell you the pleasure I feel when looking at my latest quilt. It is made from the County Fair range by Denise Schmidt and by having the pre-printed panel quilted in the ditch and adding a contrasting fabric, I have a simple but effective decorator quilt. It is a slightly thicker weave so it will really be a rough and tumble fun quilt.

I'm sure part of my bliss over this quilt is the fact it has not lingered for months in a basket waiting to be finished like so many of my projects. I like a bit of instant gratification!

We also have the American Jane Recess panels and I can't wait for the quilt to arrive back. It was slightly more work, not much and Myles will love it. Well, at least I hope so. Yes a very humbling experience when your four year old decides that the purple "Munching Mike" costume you have made together for the kinder concert is not as good as some other child's one. ( P.S I saw no evidence of the other child's input in this work of art!) Don't worry, I'm joking, one of the great things about being an older mum is that you don't have the energy or inclination to engage in competitive parenting.

So as with quilting, choose your own level, style, standards, shake it up and have fun!

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