Thursday, October 23, 2008

the big clean

The aftermath of a sale is always good, arriving home totally talked out which if you know me thats hard, exhausted from running around (good exercise) Melia providing delicious food and lollies (ha she thinks i am the mum) and the wonderful feeling that the shop is still going well and we intend to be here for awhile.

We were lucky enough to have lots of different customers thanks to the web- site
and our advertising so thankyou to those of you that came up to our haven.

We have a few new quilts that will appear in the shop in the next few weeks, one featuring the new Lakehouse fabric in pretty pinks we have also have a selection in green and blue. In another quilt that I have done I have used Brenda Ryans Village Set and made the quilt in browns quite interesting, I have also re-hashed my teacup quilt I hated the last one I did with the tea cup embroideries so i cut it up and made a new one using the pink tea cup fabric I am pleased with the result.
Any way the quilts will get hung when Breno gets time or when I tell him to (oops ask him to).

Must be off the Birch delivery has arrived no rest for the wicked.


ps. we now have toy filling now................

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