Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birds and Bunnies

 When Jan Kerton visited the other week to teach, she showed me her new pattern that has been released   "Birds on A Wire". Kits are now available at the shop. Blanketing also available.
Jan also left a sample of " Bouncing Bunnies" the difference with this sample is that the Bunnies are on Double Velour instead of the usual Wool Cashmere, it makes it very soft and cuddly.

So yes, l have kits , l have wool /cashmere Blanketing in cream, navy blue, red ,light blue, green etc , l have the velour animal packs to make extra animals, l have some larger pieces of double velour, l have extra threads so l think l pretty well have it all covered, even classes with Jan Kerton.

Cheers Mary

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