Sunday, July 15, 2012


 When one does'nt blog for a while assumptions are made........
 Nothing is happening to write about (hardly), you are too busy(or lazy) as the case may be.
You have lost the camera, the computer is playing up, you are on an overseas trip lapping it up,
 Life has got busy, you have just disappeared off the face of the earth.
But" ar ha" none of the above apply, l have been busy changing things .......The name The Drapers of Mt Macedon has gone and my new name Patch N Quilt has arrived. Just getting rid of the cobwebs that have built up........but it takes a little bit of time for the changing of websites and blogs so be patient.
 Classes are still in full swing, l do have some vacancies in Judy Newmans Menagerie Quilt class to be held on Saturday 25 August.  There are quite a few new classes coming up but l will let you know about them later
and this is one of the new Block of the Months Sweet Summer unfortunately l only have a very small number (as l ran out of fabric) l am just waiting for the patterns to arrive.

Well girls digest all of that........

Cheers Mary

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