Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summersville.............. ironic isnt it

 No this wasnt a Mothers Day treat but a lovely thought by a customer who decided that a lovely selection of" gerbera"in hot pink and purple was what l needed.  Thankyou thankyou very much they were beautiful.
Mothers Day was a big spoil fest which l lapped up, its so nice to play your trump card  its Mothers Day..  yep all cooking done, along with the dishes,the full use of the tv controls and fabric from one end of the house to the other(outside the restricted area).
But isnt every day Mothers Day???????????????????no sorry thats Fathers Day......
 Summersville has arrived a quirky black , red and cream collection.
Obviously no attention was paid to our weather when naming this collection...............
Have a "goodie" girls....

Cheers Mary

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