Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The public holiday cycle

 Ooh La La finally arrived some, 3 months late but it was worth waiting for, a pink and blue collection of pretty baby prints and of course there is the sweet panel as well.
 Now when a public holiday occurs, it is the opportunity to go into my sewing room, in a not so frenetic manner, and have the day to sew, while the cherished Mr Draper, goes about the outside tasks. Well that is the theory.
After a multitude of cuppas, sealing the tiled floor, finishing off the washing/ironing from the previous week, entertaining various kids that popped in, washing the dogs and de-fleeing them and their bedding,(the dogs that is), and attending to the usual issues of food, l managed to only get this done.
A new pattern from Urban Chicks has arrived along with the collection of fabric, so l thought l would whip up the quilt as it has 3 D flowers on it, it is quite time consuming so it didnt fit into the schedule very well but the finished product is looking good, so here is the sample of the one of the blocks.
Now there is only 24 to go....when is the next public holiday?????????
You will be pleased to know that the grass got cut...................

Cheers Mary

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Unknown said...

There is always so much to be done , I am glad you had a chance to sew . Beautiful fabrics too .