Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A bit of a theme running

 Yep l had a bit of a theme running purely by accident, you know me that bright fabric thing that invades me all the time .  The top picture is a cot quilt its sooooooooo  easy the pattern from Thimbleblossom . It uses  fat quarters and basic piecing with raw edge strips, omg, l also had enough bits and pieces left to use as part of the backing so also quite cost effective.
 Now this is the head on a blanket called Bambino, the cutest kid around little Vera, had one and her mum Cara wanted to make another one in case of an emergency, so l got the pattern in for her and then got a bit obsessed with the head on a blanket. Funnily enough l had ( and l stock) soft beautiful velour, so with a bright head and binding its so cute.
A really great present and very achievable  for the busy mum to make.
The next pattern and sample is called Mouse in a Matchbox, also a great gift, make or buy a small box  (approx 3" x 5") and then the little mouse will fit in, of course after you have made the mouse and the blanket.

Cheers Mary

Samples, patterns, cot kits and velour will hopefully be in store by the weekend.

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