Sunday, January 8, 2012

Only positives energies available...

2012 arrived very quickly (l think thats an age thing) and the old sign was sent to the rubbish bin and a new one was produced.
  l had time to relax and do some sewing, l think its called me time, but more realistically the kids left and the significant other went to work.  yey yey yey
 Peace at last,
 It was damn hot for a couple of days, and definately not to my liking.
But l struggled on in my peaceful, child/husband free, computer free, house work free, cooking free SEWING ROOM  gee it was hard to do but someone had to...............
The shop reopens on Tuesday.
See you then.
Cheers as always Mary


Kylie said...

Oooh... love that coral colour with the ruby. Will be coming up for some help and inspiration {to spend} on Friday. :)

The Drapers of Mt Macedon said...

Ruby is finished quilted and bound will bring into the shop Friday if i remember mk