Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being side tracked.....

Its easy to get side tracked, ...lots of nice things arrive like Vol 4 of Vignette
all of Kellie Wulfsohn ( Dont Look Now) new patterns arrived and sent me into a spin (the pile of to do is getting bigger)
a quilt that l started and lost track of got finished and is now with Kerrie being quilted. The samples of my Christmas window display are taking shape...........
Organising for my 6th Birthday Sale in October is under way......(more details will follow)

But the best form of being side tracked is when your son gets into the All- Australian Team for 2011 (AFL). I just cannot tell you how wonderful this is not only for us as a family but huge for James as it rewards him for all of his hard work , but there is still another team accolade that we all would like, hopefully in a couple of weeks. (is this being greedy)
So l am now going to float off and have some lunch and continue smiling( gee l am a lucky girl)

Cheers Mary

PS Thanks to all of my well wishers, l am lapping it up and why shouldnt l...............

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