Sunday, September 11, 2011


As promised, (not sure if l should do that) Irene Blancks quilt display, the first is Confetti using tiny hexagons(omg), she uses a repro look with a modern twist by using different types of fabric and as you can see the results are great.

This one is Chocolate and Mint, the green in this quilt doesnt show up that well it is lime green, and certainly makes the chocolate brown look edible (sorry l am hungry no lunch yet)
and then just to mix it up (and because the photos didnt come out in the right order) here is the sample of the Vintage quilt Blocks that l have in stock now, that l have put into a wall quilt.
They will have many uses , l also have a range of fairies in the quilt blocks, for childrens quilts as well.......
and this is Floral Hopscotch which will be our new Block of the Month, l am doing my homework on it at the moment so it will be another month or so before its available.....(i think l said that in another post.)
The patterns are available at the shop........and we have a waiting list for the Block of the Month........and the beautiful quilts are in my shop window.

Cheers Mary

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