Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An A+ and clomp clomp

I finally managed to finish the Make it Perfect A + Skirt, it is a fabulous pattern very easy and will probably get thrashed in the MK wardraobe but it will need to stop thinking that l am the size, l was when l was 18, many moons ago.........and then there was a stomping noise outside......
Jodie sent Reuben down to the shop....she obviously thinks that Gisborne is cold as he had his jacket on but he did have a t-shirt in his bag, the jacket was for his formal introduction not the cold...he said in a rather pompous tone.......woo hoo l replied as its hardly a place for seriousness..when l am behind the counter....."Hello Mary, my name is Reuben, and l have come to stay" more like kicked out by Jodie for the "tude"that was being displayed l thought.
"Well Reubs get your little bod out of the door and l will find a spot for you to sit"
"Jodie said that you would provide a 5 star accommodation for me ." Reuben said" Well Reubs you are in a 5 star place but you will have to earn your keep" Mary said Donkeys eat heaps Mary thought.
So up jumped Reuben on the bench to be with Amy, he is expecting her to appear from her book, he thinks its a photo album....its going to be along stay... Mary thought.
And then Mary pondered as she does from time to time, another animal is talking to me.......

Cheers Mary

PS. Class to make Reuben with Jodie Carleton Saturday 21 May 2011

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