Monday, January 10, 2011

Bring it on.......oops its already here

The debate rages what do we call the year, depending on the era that you come from or what you see as correct or just going with the flow, is it Two thousand and eleven or twenty eleven or two "o" one one, what ever you decide it will be your choice so welcome to 2011...... yes i know that we are already 10 days in but l have officially opened up the computer, not without a whole lot of excuses not to....l have been enjoying my sewing machine has had a very good work out and l have lots of new samples and quilts, my camera is on the charger so no photos today but l will get to that......

All but 2 of the classes for term 1 and 2 have been finalised, a couple of the projects are yet to be decided so keep posted and hopefully i will have pictures soon........

I did manage to put a new window in just before Christmas which is the bad "Mary" picture above, it features a new Block of the Month called Down in the Garden, along with 123 Funky Monkeys and the Chic Geek Bag........ hope you enjoy it.

Cheers Mary

PS: Shop reopens on Thursday

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