Thursday, December 9, 2010

I come in peace

I thought this picture was quite appropriate, the little stuffed alien " I come in Peace" had a few similarities to me yesterday.
After the Chocolate Mousse Log disaster, which l must say tasted beautiful, but was never going to be photographed for a Donna Hay cook book. My birthday cooking expedition continued, so the menu was as follows: Entree: Salmon/Dill Terrine Main: Homemade Chicken Thai Burgers, Rare Beef with Chilli Jam, Tossed Green Salad, This weird Spud Salad l do with asparagus ,bacon, parmesan and Garlic mmmmmmmm, Brown Sugar and Thyme Roasted Vegetables, Dessert: The log, 4 layer sponge with fresh fruit, Individual Lemon Baked Cheese cakes and a plate of Happy Birthday little cakes.
So as you can read it was an epic, but l managed not to rip anybodies head off( nothing that a "cardi" didnt fix) it was a great night the family thought apart from the food being nice, l had lost my voice and could'nt speak properly. No laughing thanks...........
So after the kids had gone home, l took my Blue cape off and went to bed.

Cheers Mary

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