Monday, August 16, 2010

Izzy and Archie visit The Drapers

There was a knock at the door, I looked up (as it is unusual to knock at our door) and there was no-one there, strange the wind must be rattling the door, then there was a little voice " Mary open the door" now I am definately going mad as I walked over to investigate, there were 2 little people that were miles away from home...........
"Does Jodie know that you are here" said Mary
" Of course she does" said Archie in his little cheeky voice " We heard you had a swing in the backyard and Jodie said we could have another go on a swing when she was feeling better"

"Now I will have to check with Jodie that she knows you are here" said Mary. So Archie busted his way through the door and Izzy as embarassed as ever, suggested that I ring Jodie. " Look wait here and have a rest and I will open the back door so that you can have a play in the back yard, when l finish serving my customers." said Mary
"No worries Maaarzee" Archie said.
Well typical of a three year old, he fell over trying to jump down to go outside. It was all a bit exhausting coming from Ballarat to Gisborne. So if you look in the shop window you will see Izzy and Archie resting.
PS Jodie did know they were coming to join the trunk show, but instead of the normal post they came by express..............

Cheers Mary

PSS Patterns are available.

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