Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new bits

A new selection of Bali Pops have arrived, just showing you a small sample of colour, the last box sold out very quickly............
Its very nice for people to remember their travel experiences by putting them into a quilt, one of our regular customers decide to create a quilt using her trip to India as her inspiration and also to use her photos as well (I forgot the photo for this), very cleverly she has used the bright colours of India and different unusual embellishments and the little tiny mirrors to help her keep the memories of her trip. It looked great as you can see, we will see the full quilt when it has been finished.
And here we are again, hexagons and brights and dots this just makes you smile. Once again the simplest quilt can look the best, thankyou to our traveller that brought it in to show us.

Cheers Mary

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