Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To be continued Tail Feathers

I managed to finally finish off Baby Bliss, I needed to make it a bit bigger than the pattern suggested ,so I am quite happy with it now.
It looks a bit wonky on the floor, must be my brilliant photo taking again next time I think I will hang the quilt on the clothesline to take a picture.
I was having a chuckle to myself , this is my Red Robin production line.......................after these little fellas only 3 to go.
Tail Feathers Block One ,Two and Three , the phantom at the top is Block 8 not sure how I manged to do this one, not far to go now all the other Blocks are done just waiting for the Red Robins.( I didnt learn my lesson with the previous photo)

I have had an interesting time with this applique as I have used two different types of products, we "ditched" vliesofix some time ago in the shop due to constant product failure, and we have switched to Heat n Bond and Tilda Fix both very similar looking products.
The Tildafix was a lot firmer and didnt need as much ironing time, the Heat n Bond was lighter but was a bit fussier with the iron.
Mmmmm which to choose, another one of those personal things you can decide for yourself.......

Cheers Mary

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