Monday, May 4, 2009

the circus

As the title suggests there is often a circus happening in the shop you know what I mean the standard juggling acts, comic relief, and dressing up, well Sunday was no exception as Melia was slaving over a very busy Market Day shop, my beloved and I were lucky enough to go to Circus Du Soleil (courtesy of a Christmas present from my babies)

I am still in awe of the whole Two and a Half Hours, it was absolutely fantastic. There was not one item that was not entertaining, exciting, skilled, and just "gob smacking" along with the costumes, lighting ,music and basic organising (this included foot traffic direction leading from the venue).

So as you can imagine today I am still on a high and just bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm, there are some very talented people around in this world and my hat goes off to them.

Also Geelong won again yes I watched the replay when I got home.....................................
I will be back to patchwork next post

Cheers Mary

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