Thursday, April 2, 2009

peace at last....

The phone hasnt stopped today which adds a different element to the business, anyway I am pleased to announce that yes, the window for the classes available has been done push came to shove as one of the quilts and the cushions got sold and the customer wanted them.

In the window there are samples of quilts that represent the classes that we have although in saying that there are 2 still missing Quit as You Go and The Floral bouquet hopefully they will arrive shortly anyway you should get the gist of the classes.

Also Snippets has arrived along with the matching Layer cakes, Jelly Rolls and Sweet Rolls.

Boy Friday Neil has been here again banging away finishing off bits so all in all a very hectic day and gee I am sure it got a bit hotter than forecast...........or was that I was just busy with customers...........

Cheers Mary

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