Saturday, March 14, 2009

wet at last

Well the first thought today is Geelong won the NAB cup indeed a pleasure...........just a pity the baby boy had a small injury and couldnt play anyway bigger eggs to fry in September.

As I type its pouring its amazing how you forget what its like hearing rain so lets hope it continues but anything is better than nothing.....

We still have the CWA collection box in our shop this is for donations of sewing items that will go to making quilts for the bushfire victims, so if you have not cleaned out the sewing room recently then this may give you a reason to do it .

Lots of new buttons have arrived along with Clovers new Rose maker and Bow makers I havent had a chance to make up yet but hopefully will have them for Monday, also we were lucky enough to get some big plain quilt hangers providing you with another option to hang your quilts.

The Little Patchwork Village quilt is finished and pattern and kit will be available I hope to post a picture of it shortly.

Samples of the projects for classes will be in the window in the next week or so keep looking.

Thankyou for all of the great comments we get about our shop windows its great fun playing with ideas for them, the big white quilt in the window at the moment is called Home is Where The Heart Resides and is available as a block of the month

Anyway as is always the case when you get comfortable playing , you have to stop and work, kits to make up so until next time cheers


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