Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cost Effective Brain Training

Trying to remember sign in and passwords after such a long time has really got the grey matter spinning!

Hi everyone, no I haven't fallen off a cliff and have been spotted alive and well in the shop. I know it seemed I'd be dragged kicking and screaming from our little hidey hole on the mount but I was a willing soldier in Marys' version of moving boot camp. It nearly killed me and I feared yet again for my sanity but what can I say, there is no gain without pain.

I'm loving the new shop and meeting new and old friends.

The time has flown but I have been enjoying a little sewing space in my role as bus stop mama. I know I say it constantly but the Matilda's' Own templates are just wonderful for fitting in that little bit of 'me time'( cue eye rolling) into each day.The lovely and talented Meridithe Clark was kind enough to send me the new Bachelor's Button template and it was a joy to use. The accuracy of these templates gives me a lot of confidence when I'm planning a new project. I can quickly rotatory cut the fabric, mark it and start hand sewing, no dramas, high portability, gotta love that. I'm currently working on a soft floral curved nine patch, after many a reproduction. However the new collections of reproductions are calling to me!


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