Thursday, December 11, 2008

impending email disaster

As is the usual case we only learn by experience, so this is my excuse if you happen to get strange emails today I have set up the contacts page with all of the emails that have been sent into me and I have attempted to send a Christmas email without all of the address listed across the page but alas that is not what has happened so sorry,obviously more extensive training is required pencil that in for next year.

I had a big clean up of bolts on the weekend and yes in true Mary style rearranged the colours again, we now have a full specials shelf most range between $12 TO $15 the selection is quite good so pop in and you may catch a bargain.

Cleaning the shelves usually coincides with quilt hanging and the weekend was no exception, Melia has just completed another reproduction style quilt she has used templates that we stock, we will have the kits ready in the new year. I am not sure if it has a name yet.......

This time of year we are busy ordering for the next year and we have some rippers coming in.....

Anyway must be off need a cuppa

Cheers Mary

PS. only 3 baskets to go............ho ho ho

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