Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PPWS (Post Party Wobbly Syndrome)

Yes, I have discovered a new psychiatric condition. Who would have thought a five year old birthday could be so stressful?

The oriental ax man is gifted when it comes to enjoying himself hence he attends all of Myles's party engagements.This leaves me slightly out of the loop when it comes to the de rigueur party requirements. I block out all mention of jumping castles, face painting and petting zoos, move to nanna mode with lots of "back in my day we were happy to have fizzy drinks and pass the parcel"
It's served me quite well til now but I'm being sent back to remedial mummy school. I mean retro is fine but as the five year old critics pointed out" Where were the chocolate crackles?"

I'm still having flashbacks over the hide and seek game I thought I was going to have to call the emergency services! Those five year old girls refuse to come out in case they are caught.

I would like to thank Mary for working and giving me extra baking time (cue eye rolling) but REALLY could have done without her version of hide and seek at the shop today. However I must say the shop looks lovely.

I think a quiet day eating left over cupcakes and binding a quilt might be in order.


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