Friday, November 7, 2008

just have a giggle

One of the great things about having our patchwork shop is we get the opportunity to meet heaps of people and see what other patchworkers and needleworkers are doing.

There is always something different going on and there is no exception with the girls that have the opportunity to sit and sew.

A few essentials for the groups: a good cook for morning tea, a good talker to provide topics of conversation, a creative person to provide inspiration, a motivator for getting those quilts happening, people from different age groups and social networks, a social bunny for event management, a mother hen for nurturing,
a cleaner for those coffee cups, a comedian to lighten the load, 3 levels of quilt competency beginner, intermediate and advanced and a computer literate person.

We all have our labels but at sit and sew you are part of a group that just get together that enjoy patchwork or embroidery if you are looking for a place to belong or you have a spare couple of hours come along and play with us.

Sit and sew operates at the shop on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays from 10.00 am onwards..........the invitation has been extended.......

Just as I close the Friday girls are planning for world peace...and i am sure once they read this they will try and work out which category they fall under have fun girls working it out.

Cheers Mary

PS Bulletin the sign is being fixed on Sunday by the house of breno will keep you posted.

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