Friday, November 14, 2008

have you had a Sewjourn

Word of mouth works well in the patchwork industry so its great when we get groups travelling through to their group retreats who have "heard" about us.

Another friendly group of girls today on there way to Sewjourn in Lancefield for a girls weekend of sewing. Jan from Sewjourn has been a great supporter of our business and we thank her for this. So my question to you have you had your sewjourn yet............

A regular question that keeps popping up and continues to fuel my guilt is "what classes do you have for next year", well the edited version of my reply and the politically correct version is l am confirming dates with tutors and when this is all put onto paper it will be posted on the website and for those of you on our mailing list you will get a copy hopefully early next year

Well as l have been very busy l must get to, and have my second cup of coffee for the day.......

cheers mary

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