Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living with a bearded dragon

Yes, the oriental axeman is trying to grow a beard, it's like kissing an echidna! I keep telling him that there is a reason that the last Chinese we saw with a beard was Confucius but he persists against all odds in typical dragon fashion.
I suppose this is the type of perseverance and passion we see from the ladies who take on the Dear Jane journey. I love hearing about how each person is interpreting the quilt. Some ladies take great joy in replicating the quilt choosing wherever possible reproduction fabrics that are close to the original and then you get the ones that are giving it their own twist. They might do it in two colours, mix Dear Jane and Dear Hannah or just do it with their scraps. Me, I would be hauled off to the nearest psychiatric hospital murmuring about triangles if I attempted it. Needless to say I really admire the quilts and their makers in all their guises.

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