Sunday, September 21, 2008

cake and coffee

my wonderful business partner melia decided to bring cake and coffee this morning to our haven for a sort of business meeting to catch up on the latest with the blog well we opened a can of worms while showing my very limited knowledge of the blog and computers in general i did a test message which was accidently posted twice so then i had to find out how to delete it which luckily i did because the message consisted of one letter over the page very intelligent i must say also the shop was very busy sunday trade is great for as as we sit amongst all of the open gardens . we are open from 11.00 am to 4.00pm, the coffee got cold and the cake uneaten but we got to have a little meeting about making arrangements for the shop to be at the bacchus marsh friendship quilters exhibition on saturday 4 october and sunday 5 october in the shire hall main st bacchus marsh. a great group of ladies who support the shop very well so looking forward to the weekend. by the way brag time....... geelong got into the afl grand final so a very busy week and weekend for me.....cheers mary

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